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Warren Smith welcomes you to the Greater Manchester Lieutenancy

Warren Smith

Welcome to the Website of the Greater Manchester Lieutenancy. I hope that you will find it helpful and informative of my role and work as Lord-Lieutenant and the contribution made by the Vice Lord-Lieutenant and my Deputy Lieutenants in the day to day life of the County.

All of us living and working in Greater Manchester are proud of its heritage as the birth place of the first industrial revolution and the introduction of the famous ‘Spinning Jenny and Mule' and the ‘Water Frame' which transformed the production of cotton and brought wealth and prosperity to this area. Sixty years ago Manchester, and its University, were at the forefront of the new technological age with the invention of the world's first electronic computer which heralded a further industrial revolution, the impact of which is felt throughout the world.

Today Greater Manchester continues to be at the forefront of regeneration, creativity, innovation and education. There are over 100,000 students studying across the region's universities - Manchester, Manchester Metropolitan, Salford, Bolton and University Centre Oldham. 

Greater Manchester is linked to the world by its International Airport which enables it to hold world class sporting events such as cycling, swimming, squash and international football events. In 2002, it was the host city for the Commonwealth Games and in 2012 it will be a key contributor to the Olympic Games.

The visual and performing arts have driven much of the major regeneration projects. Throughout the County there are over 30 museums, galleries and significant venues for the arts including such world-class facilities as the Bridgewater Hall and The Lowry.

It is a region that celebrates its wide social, cultural and faith diversity. For over 150 years the County has welcomed new communities and these communities have provided much of the cultural and economic wealth which has created and shaped this vibrant and prosperous County - a "place of choice" for almost 2.5m people to live.

Latest news

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23 Jul, 2015
Eamonn O'Neil becomes a Doctor of Arts
01 Jul, 2015
Sir David passes away suddenly
02 Jun, 2015

Greater Manchester has 22 winners!!



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